NoSpamProxy 11.1 - 11.1.179 - Regulärer Kanal/Regular Channel

Am 6.1.2017 wurde die Version 11.1.179 veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich um ein Maintenance-Release, mit dem unter anderem folgende Bugs behoben und Neuigkeiten eingeführt werden:

New / changed

  • Improved sorting of mail addresses on the ‚Users‘ node
  • Wording in the Change password template
  • The Reserver DNS filter now punishes „localhost“ responses for Domains
  • Performance of automatic user import

Fixed issues

  • Error message „An attempt to enable the DNSSEC resolver using the servers (null) and (null) failed
  • Error „The names specified in the certificate (names) do not match one of the expected host names“
  • Attachments vansished after PGP decryption under certain cirumstances
  • Several DNS issues
  • An issue with the Level of Trust System
  • Missing PGP key tab on partner node when only NoSpamProxy Encryption is licensed
  • Error „Invalid algorithm specified“ when signing a mail
  • A TLS issue
  • Missing notifications about new mails on hold
  • Error related to BASE64 Decoding
  • Error message „Nullable object must have a value.“
  • Issue with a high port number on inbound mails
  • Issue that public mail provider domains where incorrectly set to a dynamic trust Level
  • NullReferenceException in the File Synchronization Service
  • Issue with mails using a japanese character set
  • Header based routing did not work
  • Error in the DKIM verification

HINWEIS: Die Version kann einfach über die vorhandene Version installiert werden. Beachten Sie jedoch immer die allgemeinen Updatehinweise falls Sie einen Proxy-Server konfiguriert haben.