NoSpamProxy 12.1 - 12.1.17328.3 - Schneller Kanal/Fast Channel

Am 29.11.2017 wurde die Version 12.1.17328.3 veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich um ein Update-Release, mit dem unter anderem folgende Bugs behoben und Neuigkeiten eingeführt werden:

New / changed

  • Added support for extended parameter value notation in mail and mime part headers
  • Disclaimer positioning for mails sent from Android 7, iOS 11 and Spark for iOS
  • DKIM validation for multiple equivalent headers
  • Error message for content disarm on password protected PDFs
  • Handling of connection timeouts and ObjectDisposedExceptions during SMTP sessions
  • Message tracking cleanup

Fixed issues

  • Access to several nodes for user with configuration permission only
  • Credentials dialog incorrectly shown on summary view for user with monitoring permission only
  • Crash of Web Portal because of an invalid language tag
  • Possible NullReferenceException during domain trust maintenance process
  • Recipient count for Reports
  • Unexpected error while signing a message (Signature algorithm ‘Sha256’ is not supported)
  • Sender domain for DKIM signature is now used case insensitive
  • Smarthost error message is now relayed to the sender