NoSpamProxy 12.2 - 12.2.18113.1047 - Regulärer Kanal/Regular Channel

Am 25.04.2018 wurde die Version 12.2.18113.1047 veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich um ein Update-Release, mit dem unter anderem folgende Bugs behoben und Neuigkeiten eingeführt werden:

New / changed

  • Remove LAB Status from Open Keys feature
  • Omit file names in Web Portal links
  • Display hostname of the Gateway Role in Log Settings Dialog
  • Auto-disable for Troubleshooting Options
  • PSS signature support
  • Improve performance of the Partners view
  • Improve replication of partner Settings
  • Track failures of AV scans on Web Portal
  • Force PSS signature if EDI@Energy compliance is enabled
  • Force PSS signature if a PSS certificate is used
  • Improved error visualizatin when the encryption of a PDF document Fails
  • Improved error handling when the Office to PDF conversion runs into a timeout
  • Added support for TNEF (aka winmail.dat)
  • The connection to the Azure TCP Proxy now uses port 443 instead of 25

Fixed issues

  • No file name validation in “Convert mail to PDF document” Action
  • Message Track status is “Partially succeeded” instead of “Mail loop” and recipient status is “Unknown” instead of “Duplicate” if a mail is rejected because of a mail loop
  • No outbound message track for autoresponder mail
  • No outbound message track for mail waiting for an encryption key notification
  • No outbound message track for mail size exceeded notification
  • Stop words do not prevent Level of Trust Bonus
  • An unexpected error occurred when signing a message with ECDSA
  • Fixed an issue which caused the ‘Strict single rule’ not to work
  • No message track is created for mails which are larger than allowed by the Administrator
  • After importing a certificate, a partner entry is not automatically created
  • Fixed an issue where a certificate can not be loaded from the database
  • Files where the extension was changed to .txt are not properly handled by the Content Filters.
  • Multiple parallel certificate enrollment requests are rejected by GlobalSign
  • Unicode Emojis are converted to ?? in mails where the disclaimer is added
  • When loading a message track from disk, details from the installation the MMC is connected to might be mixed in
  • When clicking on the link “Discover DNS settings” on the properties of a Gateway Role, an error is displayed
  • An inbound mail is accepted if the inbound send connector can’t be resolved and the delivery fails afterwards
  • The Cyren service is not automatically started after the Web Portal is upgraded