NoSpamProxy 13.0 Regulärer Kanal/Regular Channel

We have released Version 13.0.19204.1650 on August 06th, 2019. This Version is an upgrade release where the following bugs are fixed and new features are added or changed.

HINWEIS: As of update Version 12.2.18253.1152, a script for cleaning up the message tracking is included, which deletes orphaned entries in the database and from Version 13.0.19169.1943, a script for improving Table Indexes was added. These may cause the setup not to respond for a some time during database update. The setup must not be aborted and must run until completed. Please schedule a longer upgrade period for this.

HINWEIS: If the Protection module is licensed, it is possible that the Cyren services do not work and no viruses and spam checks are performed after the update to version 13, although the NoSpamProxy license itself has been correctly validated. To correct this, in the NoSpamProxy Management Console go to Configuration/NoSpamProxy Components/Gateway Roles, select the gateway role(s) and click on Synchronize configuration.

It is possible in combination with some Domain names, that the Reputation filter will block emails due to an obfuscated owned Domain. Only in this case we will recommend to reduce the SCL Points to maximum 2 SCL Points (Default is 4 SCL Points) for the test ‘Header-From’ is an owned Domain at the Reputation filter, to be found on the tab Filters at the applied rule, on tab ‘Header-From’ Tests. This will be improved within the next Major Version. Example: Owned Domain =, but the Reputation filter will also detect as an obfuscated owned Domain.