NoSpamProxy 13.0 Schneller Kanal/Fast Channel

We have released the Version 13.0.19241.1237 on September 4th, 2019. This Version is an update release where the following Bugs are fixed and new features are added or changed.

HINWEIS: As of update version 12.2.18253.1152, a script for cleaning up the message tracking is included, which deletes orphaned entries in the database. From Version 13.0.19169.1943, a script for improving Table Indexes was added. These may cause the setup not to respond for a some time during database update. The setup must not be aborted and must run until completed. Please schedule a longer upgrade period for this.

HINWEIS: If the Protection module is licensed, it is possible that the Cyren services do not work and no viruses and spam checks are performed after the upgrade to version 13, although the NoSpamProxy license itself has been correctly validated. To correct this, in the NoSpamProxy Management Console go to Configuration/NoSpamProxy Components/Gateway Roles, select the gateway role(s) and click on Synchronize configuration.

Synchronize Configuration

It is possible in combination with some Domain names, that the Reputation filter will block emails due to an obfuscated owned Domain. Only in this case we will recommend to reduce the SCL Points to maximum 2 SCL Points (Default is 4 SCL Points) for the test ‘Header-From’ is an owned Domain at the Reputation filter, to be found on the tab Filters at the applied rule, on tab ‘Header-From’ Tests. This will be improved within the next Major Version.

BEISPIEL:  Owned Domain =, but the Reputation filter will also detect as an obfuscated owned Domain.

Version 13.0.19241.1237 (September 4th, 2019)

based on Regular and Fast Channel Version 13.0.19204.1650


  • Greylisting action is executed before the filters
  • MAIL FROM and Header-From are different in Encrypted email notification
  • Wizard does not save inbound send connectors
  • Exception in second execution of configuration wizard
  • ZIP bomb handling – NSP stucks with high ressource usage
  • Images from disclaimer templates are attached multiple times if multiple disclaimer templates are applied to the email
  • Search filter in Event Log returns unfiltered results for remote roles
  • File synchronization between Web Portals hangs if a BITS job fails with a transient error
  • An unexpected error occurred while signing or encrypting a message.SBPGPExceptions.EElPGPEncryptionStreamException
  • Copy of a web portal email is sent unencrypted if the rule is configured to reject the email
  • Service crashes when owned domain is added with a whitespace character
  • Exception if CDR of encrypted file failed
  • Attachment is always unknown to the Sandbox if URL Safeguard has rewritten an URL in the attachment
  • Check if the Cyren service restarts after the permissions are set for remote web portal
  • A replication artifact could not be deserialized. No message track
  • Web Portal Copy has to be always encrypted
  • Wrong domain is used in DKIM signature header if owned domain and DKIM key domain are different
  • Status mailware scan failed warning has to be updated after the problem is fixed
  • Check if the Cyren service restarts after the permissions are set for remote web portal
  • Reply Link to Web portal does not work
  • Password-protected files are ignored by the converter and the Web Portal
  • An unhandled error occurred during the malware scan
  • Web portal upload for an email on hold failed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Version 13.0.19204.1650 (August 6th, 2019)

based on Fast Channel Version 13.0.19197.1833


  • Could not assess the current license usage. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • Rescan of quarantined Web Portal files fails: Final output block size must be at least 56
  • Reputation filter blocks De-Mail notifications if substring match tests are enabled
  • URL Safeguard does not rewrite some links calendar invitation
  • URL Safeguard: Wrong detection of URLs in outlook calendar invitation
  • URL Safeguard: /n is included in link

Version 13.0.19197.1833 (July 25th, 2019)

based on Regular and Fast Channel Version 13.0.19169.1943

New / Changed

  • URL Safeguard: configuration info for host and URLs in attachments rewriting


  • Cyren IP reputation filter error: Der Wert darf nicht NULL sein. Parametername: input
  • Load data in message track takes too much time and url safeguard shows wrong information
  • Missing provider name if eventlog with id 3583 is created
  • Cyren URL Classification filter does not detect malware links in encrypted emails
  • Calendar request inside of a winmail.dat is not detected and the email is signed
  • A PDF attachment with an attachment that has an undefined content length cannot be processed correctly.
  • Quoted printable encoded PDF is not disarmed correctly.
  • Wrong padding is shown for encryption/decryption in message track
  • Validation policies could not be saved in SMIME and PGP validation action
  • An unexpected error occurred, and the Intranet Role is shutting down
  • Could not assess the current license usage. Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Version 13.0.19169.1943 (July 09th, 2019)

based on Fast Channel Version 13.0.19149.1743


  • Outlook Add-In is sending text message even if the user has disabled this function
  • Wrong error message when importing PGP secret key
  • PDF Mail tab in partner user settings missleads a user
  • URL Safeguard timeout if the HTML body contains a large amount of URLs (4000+)
  • Header-FROM/TO contains an @ sign outside of an email address
  • Emails are accepted if an error occurs that is not a timeout and the validation timeout handling is set to “Accept”
  • Cyren Antispam/Antivirus service is not responding until the Gateway Role is restarted
  • Exception in error message of executed URL Safeguard action: “An item with the same key has already been added”
  • Spam Uri Realtime Blocklist filter checks URLs without protocol against blacklists
  • AES-128-GCM and AES-256-GCM encryption algorithms are missing from the inspection report
  • Level of Trust fixed domain bonus for freemailer domain is not granted
  • Outlook calendar invitation contains lines longer than 75 characters after URL Safeguard has rewritten URLs
  • URL Safeguard and Spam Uri Realtime Blocklist filter detect URLs in calendar invites if the lines in the invite have been folde
  • Message Track displays “No bonuses where granted because the email was not authenticated” if Level of Trust is configured to require authentication only for the domain bonus
  • Powershell CmdLet Get-NspEmailOnHold doesn’t include emails waiting for content filter processing

Version 13.0.19149.1743 (June 24th, 2019)

based on Fast Channel Version 13.0.19147.917


  • Spam URI Realtime Blocklists filter also detects email addresses as URLs
  • Level of Trust subject bonus is granted for free mailer addresses
  • Alert to the Administrator about license validation failed
  • Content filter treats folders inside of zip archives as empty files with mime type “application/octet-stream” and without file name
  • PDF document is corrupted after content disarm
  • Attachments without filename can’t be uploaded to the Web Portal: Value cannot be null, parameter name: filename

Version 13.0.19147.917 (June 11th, 2019)

based on Regular Channel Version 13.0.19120.1521

New / Changed

  • Enable Cyren URL classification service by default in SURBL Filter


  • Change supported Outlook Version from 2007 to 2010 Service Pack 2
  • Incorrect charset detected after decrypting a PGP encrypted text attachment
  • PGP signature validation fails if the signature contains a non-standard issuer-fpr subpacket
  • Self-signed pgp key created in kleopatra could not be imported
  • Self-signed pgp public keys could not be imported
  • If a public key lookup service is not responsive, mailflow may be interrupted
  • UI incorrectly states that the 13.0 already scans links for PDF documents
  • Email without signer infos is displayed as signed and unmodified in Message Track
  • License on Gateway Role and Web Portal becomes invalid after 30 days even if the license server successfully confirmed the license
  • Retrieving Level of Trust domain bonus causes error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • URL Safeguard: Exception when reporting misclassification
  • Dialog with error by configuration of AD enrolment
  • Target host missing from Message Track delivery attempt if email is temporarily rejected
  • ResettableCancellationToken not properly disposed
  • Message Track displays “No bonuses where granted because the email was not authenticated” if Level of Trust is configured to require authentication only for the domain bonus
  • Outlook Add-In does not create HTML file
  • Get-NspMessageTrack missing TLS information
  • Email is supposed to be rejected due to a validation timeout but is delivered to the recipient if the email is put on hold by the Content Filter
  • Failed to create an address rewriting entry
  • Outbound automatic reply is not sent if the email is signed, encryption is required, and PDF Mail is used as fallback encryption
  • PGP encrypted email could not be decrypted: Invalid header line
  • Calendar invites from O365 are not detected properly and signed, even if signing of calendar invites is disabled
  • An unexpected error occurred while signing or encrypting a message
  • URL Safeguard creates visited URL replication artifacts with empty recipient that can’t be processed by the Intranet Role