NoSpamProxy 13.1 Schneller Kanal/Fast Channel

We have released the Version 13.1.20071.1529 on March 16th, 2020. This Version is an upgrade release where the following Bugs are fixed and new features are added or changed.

Important Information

As of update Version 12.2.18253.1152, a script for cleaning up the message tracking is included, which deletes orphaned entries in the database. From version 13.0.19169.1943, a script for improving table indexes was added.

HINWEIS: These scrpits may cause the setup not to respond for some time during database update. The setup must not be aborted and must run until completed. Make sure to schedule a longer upgrade period for this.

If the Protection module is licensed, it is possible that the Cyren services do not work and no viruses and spam checks are performed after the update to version 13, although the NoSpamProxy license itself has been correctly validated.

To correct this, go to Configuration > NoSpamProxy Components > Gateway Roles, select the gateway role(s) and click Synchronize configuration.

In combination with some domain names the reputation filter may block emails due to an obfuscated owned domain. Only in this case we recommend to reduce the SCL Points to maximum 2 SCL Points (Default is 4 SCL Points) for the test Header-From’ is an owned Domain at the Reputation filter, to be found on the tab Filters in the applied rule, on tab ‘Header-From’ Tests. This will be improved within the next major version.

BEISPIEL:  Owned Domain =, but the Reputation filter will also detect as an obfuscated owned Domain.

Version 13.1.20071.1529 (March 16th, 2020)

based on Fast Channel Version 13.1.20048.1517

HINWEIS: In order to prevent the error message “Unable to relay”, this version is required if emails are to be sent from Office 365 via NoSpamProxy.


  • Cleaned up the Office 365 certificate check and changed the defualt behaviour to exclude the Root certificate from the revocation check
  • Remove check for self-signed UID from PGP key import
  • Charset decoding is performed incorrectly when extracting body from winmail.dat
  • Version number in PDF metadata is detected as URL and checked by the Spam URI Realtime Blocklist filter
  • Email is put on hold with “Error: A clone of the specified mime part was not found.” if the content filter removes a file from an attached EML file
  • Outlook Add-In does not handle Content Filters correctly
  • ICAP Malware scanner does not work with Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • URLSafeGuard: Links with umlaut could not be complete rewritten
  • Disclaimer is not positioned correctly when replying to Gmail emails
  • PGP encrypted attachment having Content-Type header with long media type and encoded file name can’t be serialized after decryption
  • Adobe cannot open the Attachment from PDF
  • GlobalSign certificates could not be revoked
  • Homoglyphic attack detection does not work
  • Content filter in partner domain/user is not detect in outlook addin
  • Sending an administrative notification for CPU or HDD stress level failed. Error: Value cannot be null.
  • Resolution of the dependency failed by sending an administrative notification for CPU or HDD
  • Converted files are not approved if it is a Web Portal mail
  • Error in webportal template for redirection
  • Failed to update health statistics. Error: System.ArgumentNullException
  • Different content filters for partner users are not working correctly also in Add-In
  • Mail permanently blocked cause of modification

Version 13.1.20048.1517 (February 26th, 2020)

based on Regular Channel Version 13.1.19330.1217

New / Changed

  • Proactively kill external mime detection process if memory exceeds 256 MB


  • SMTP error message contains only LF instead of CRLF if multiple Reputation Filter tests fail
  • Disclaimer images are sometimes displayed as attached files
  • Word filter with content “mom” triggers on “ror” when obfuscation is enabled
  • Missing MIME-Version header causes display problems in Outlook after signing an email
  • Duplicate certificate import
  • Remove archive metadata settings not possible
  • Message statistics are not cleaned up
  • When the Web Portal returns HTML instead of JSON, the user of the Outlook AddIn gets a useless error message.
  • Web Portal synchronization is very slow on Windows Server 2019 clients
  • DNSSEC is not enabled after Gateway Role restart
  • PDF mime type detection hangs and uses a lot of CPU/RAM with a certain document
  • “Receiver rewriter” and “Reroute email” actions are not executed if MAIL FROM is empty
  • SMTP receive connector “maxInvalidRecipients” setting is reset after configuring the connector using the MMC
  • Active Directory import: Log detailled information why a TLS connection failed
  • Web Portal: An attempt to enumerate the files failed
  • SMTP AUTH command doesn’t accept username/password directly
  • Word filter in simple finds matches in words
  • After saving changes in receive connector: Perhaps another SMTP server is running on this endpoint.
  • Cannot upload some files to Web Portal
  • Email temporary blocked. An error occurred while checking an email: OperationCanceledException
  • Heimdall: Failed to contact the server. Value cannot be null
  • URL Safeguard Exception: An item with the same key has already been added.
  • “Error: Access is denied” when decrypting a PGP encrypted email
  • Obfuscated domain is not detected as external
  • The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint “FK_Url_MessageTrackEntry”
  • Content filter “File name” does not detect files in hierarchy within zip
  • Colour theme is not replicated if a new Gateway Role/Web Portal is added
  • No results by PowerShell-Command: get-nspuser and set-nspuser
  • Gateway Role hangs with 100% processor usage when a deeply nested mail is processed
  • Heimdall: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Improved wording for the case when a password for PDF encryption could not be obtained or generated.
  • URL Safeguard rewrites the links incorrect if used <base href=…>-tag
  • The “digiSeal server: Sign attachments on outbound emails” action only signs attachments that are part of a multipart mimepart
  • Base64 decoder doesn’t ignore extra characters if invalidBase64LengthHandling=”IgnoreExtraCharacters” is configured
  • Base64 decoder doesn’t remove invalid characters correctly if the encoded content has multiple lines
  • URL Safeguard doesn’t rewrite links with whitespaces in a-href-tag correctly
  • URL Safeguard takes unusually long to rewrite URLs