NoSpamProxy 13.2 Regulärer Kanal/Regular Channel

We have released the Version 13.2.21327.1706 on May 31st, 2022. This Version is an upgrade release where the following Bugs are fixed and new features are added or changed.

HINWEIS: If you have previously installed a beta version 13.2, please upgrade to the official release version 13.2.20141.1435 or later for support reasons!

WARNUNG: As of version 13.2.20083.1640, a script for enhancing the address searching is included. These may cause the setup not to respond for a some time during database update. The setup must not be aborted and must run until completed. Please schedule a longer upgrade period for this.

Version 13.2.21327.1706 (May 31st, 2022)

Includes all changes and bug fixes from Fast Channel versions 13.2.21151.1540 to 13.2.21327.1706.

Information on changes and bug fixes included in this version can be found in the release notes for NoSpamProxy 13.2 Schneller Kanal/Fast Channel.

Version 13.2.21111.1701 (May 6th, 2021)

Includes all changes and bug fixes from Fast Channel versions 13.2.20199.1826 to 13.2.21111.1701.

Information on changes and bug fixes included in this version can be found in the release notes for NoSpamProxy 13.2 Schneller Kanal/Fast Channel.

Version 13.2.20171.1151 (June 30th, 2020)

Includes changes and bug fixes from Regular Channel Version 13.2.20141.1435.


  • 24397: A replication artifact could not be deserialized
  • 24444: Message tracks could not be retrieved from the Intranet Role
  • 24514: Intranet Role database updates fails: Failed to execute an SQL command. Error: String or binary data would be truncated.
  • 23966: "Error: Invalid algorithm specified" when importing a certificate with rsaSignatureWithripemd160 signature algorithm
  • 24400: Office365 detection fails when an Office 365 accepted domain is used instead of an Guid
  • 24138: Update TLS Best Practices for Windows 2012R2
  • 24503: Sign and Encrypt action incorrectly uses SHA-512 although the certificate only supports SHA-256
  • 24468: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • 24544: Stripping batv data can lead to failures to update message tracking data
  • 24496: Missing data for signature validation. SignedContent is empty and no data stream has been provided.
  • 24520: Attachments in nested EML attachments are not detected if the content type of the nested EML is not message/rfc822
  • 24530: Improve the Mail to many recipient with out- or inbound content filter configured
  • 24504: URL Safeguard details are incorrectly marked as deleted in Message Tracking which causes the cleanup to fail
  • 24547: A lot of inbound Duplicate mails, if it was a mail to 626 recipients

Version 13.2.20141.1435 (June 2nd, 2020)

includes changes and bug fixes from Fast Channel Version 13.1.20071.1529

New / Changed

  • Four new tests for the reputation filter focusing on the HEADER-FROM
  • One new test for the reputation filter that checks if the email was transmitted via a TLS-protected connection
  • DFN CA connector
  • URLs in emails can be disabled by the URL Safeguard
  • Greylisting is now a policy violation
  • BATV addresses are now included in the license count


  • E-Post-Brief connector is supported for the last time
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 is supported for the last time
  • SQL 2008 R2 is supported for the last time
  • SQL 2016 Express Edition is supported for the last time
  • SMTP proxy mode is supported for the last time


  • 22455: Search root in the LDAP User import should not be mandatory
  • 22889: The DKIM and DMARC implementation of NoSpamProxy does not support internationalized domains
  • 22952: Processing delivery attempty is too slow
  • 23222: Multiple attempts to scan an attachment using the Sandbox failed
  • 23254: Restrict the DANE Validation to 20 sec
  • 22905: Replication breaks when the identity counter reaches 2 billion in the UrlVisits database
  • 23159: Import public certificate used for encryption instead of sign only certificate
  • 23178: Reputation filter does not cope well when the From: oder To: header is missing
  • 21654: Users are still counted and message "You exceeded your license ..." is shown even if elapsed time is more than 10 days
  • 23877: Could not bind to The address is already in use. Perhaps another SMTP server is running on this endpoint
  • 23953: An attempt to put an email on hold failed
  • 23911: New installation of Intranet Role with existing database on remote SQL server fails
  • 24079: Processing Message Track replication artifacts on the Intranet Role is very slow
  • 23088: URL Safeguard: The specified website ID could not be processed
  • 23255: Sometimes there is a Warning in MMC if the MMC was inatalled remote on a client
  • 24144: Logging output for cleanup of Safeguard URLs during Message Tracking cleanup is incorrect
  • 22932: Heimdall filter name is "OutbreakDetection" in MMC
  • 23591: NSP cuts off header from domain
  • 23571: Update Cyren configuration settings in setup
  • 23565: CxO filter runs after content filtering
  • 23623: Mime-Version is not always created when converting an existing mail to mulitpart
  • 23499: Existing SMIME signature is not removed if the signature is not part of a multipart mimepart
  • 19676: Compilation errors for automatic reply templates are not shown anywhere
  • 23670: [production] Content disarm for an email on hold failed
  • 23684: Plain text body with iso-2022-jp encoding is handled as attachment with mime type application/octet-stream
  • 23636: Mime type for zip archive containing PDF document is detected as unprocessable PDF
  • 23689: Charset of email body is changed to UTF-8 if content filter upload hint is added
  • 20420: URL Safeguard: Protected link text is not set
  • 23400: The mime part of type Netatwork.NoSpamProxy.Net.Smtp.MultipartMimePart is not supported
  • 19285: Long lines in mime parts extracted from TNEF emails are not wrapped
  • 23532: URLSafeguard: Deactivated links with www prefix could not be reactivated
  • 23797: DNS Server settings could not be saved: A parameter was invalid
  • 20481: Files with very long names could not be uploaded to web portal
  • 23808: URL Safeguard rewrites 4 digit version numbers
  • 23736: Large files malware scan is not displayed in MMC if the email is sent via the Web Portal
  • 23809: URL Safeguard rewrites parts of filenames if the extension is a valid TLD
  • 23918: LDAPS doesn't work with wildcard certificicates
  • 23629: Ascending "ordered by" brokes message tracking
  • 23928: Gateway Role crashes / ARSoft DNS lookup causes stackoverflow exception
  • 23967: CDR file not send if files over size limit should be uploaded to the web portal
  • 23638: Email is put on hold with "Error: A clone of the specified mimepart was not found." if the content filter removes a file from an attached EML file
  • 23913: Base64 decoder doesn't ignore extra padding characters if configured to ignore extra characters
  • 24076: Inbound Large Files links are also password protected
  • 24008: Message Tracking cleanup doesn't finish in cleanup period
  • 23640: Spam URI Realtime Blocklist filter error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • 24030: Disclaimer keyword replacement is slow for larger HTML bodies
  • 23888: URL Safeguard rewrite part of email addresses in attached eml file
  • 24134: Improve notification info
  • 24204: Legacy Excel 4.0 macros are not detected
  • 24191: Spelling errors in message details
  • 24245: CorporateMailOffice365TenantTests unit tests are failing because of an expired certificate