CSA Certified IP List

Many newsletters are desired, as their content is delivered with the consent of the recipient. Often the receipt of such newsletters cannot be guaranteed because no Level of Trust entry has been created. The manual entry of all trustworthy newsletter senders as trusted partners would require too much effort.

This gap is closed by the CSA Certified IP List. It represents a positive list, where a control committee monitors the legality of the newsletters sent. This means that newsletters from senders who are on the CSA Certified IP List can be delivered safely.

If the sender of a received email is on the CSA Certified IP List, the CSA Certified IP List filter marks the email as trusted and assigns negative SCL points. See Spam Confidence Level (SCL).

Enabling CSA Certified IP List

  1. Open a rule for inbound emails.
  2. Switch to the Filters tab.
  3. Click Add and select CSA Certified IP List.
  4. Click Select and close.

NOTE: You configure the filter under Connected systems.