Cyren IP Reputation

This filter is valid for the following senders: External. The standard SCL value with a simple multiplier is 3 for a "bad" reputation and 1 for an "unknown sender".

This filter checks the reputation of the sending IP address via the Cyren service. In the case of a poor reputation or an unknown sender, the SCL points given below will be awarded. The filter itself has no further setting options. The administrator can only influence the filter result by weighting with multipliers.

  • No risk known: 0 SCL points
  • Medium risk: 1 SCL point
  • High risk: 3 SCL points

Depending on the setting of the evaluation criteria and additionally occurring classifications of the other filters in the applied rule, an IP address can thus lead to the rejection of emails. This rejection can already take place during the envelope phase, so that further information, e.g. for example the subject, is no longer transmitted.

NoSpamProxy has no influence on these ratings. However, any affected sender can have their IP address and its classification checked and adjusted via the Cyren support page.


Reporting false negatives and false positives

Error messages from Cyren Engines