Realtime block lists

This filter is valid for the following senders: External. The default SCL value with single multiplier depends on the lists selected in the filter. The SCL points set in the list are assigned per hit.

This filter checks whether an address entry exists in realtime block lists. You can select multiple block lists. Since even the best lists can contain false positives, you should always use several lists. Since every hit is counted as a penalty point, the risk of emails being blocked by a false positive based on a single blacklist is minimised.


  1. Add the filter to your rule
    The configuration dialog opens.
  2. Click Add.
    .Select the block lists you want to activate
  3. Select one or more lists that you want to activate.
    You can choose from all defined block lists
  4. Click Add and close.
  5. Click Save and close.

TIP: Click Replace with default set to replace the currently selected lists with the lists recommended by Net at Work.

Removing lists

  • To remove one or more lists, select the entries to be deleted and click Remove.

NOTE: Removed lists are only removed from the rule currently edited. The lists still appear in the global rule settings.

NOTE: For the DNS queries to work correctly, you must configure the DNS settings of the operating system appropriately. The server must be able to resolve external domains. It can be useful to install your own DNS server as a forwarder.