SpamAssassin connector

This filter is valid for the following senders: External and Local. The default SCL value at single multiplier depends on the return value of the SpamAssassin daemon.

SpamAssassin is a free spam filter that includes several predefined tests to classify messages. Many of these tests, such as RBL, NoSpamProxy Protection itself executes much earlier and more effectively. Nevertheless, it can be beneficial to integrate the other rules of this filter. SpamAssassin assesses a message and writes the result in the message header.

It consists of server (SpamD) and client (SpamC). The NoSpamProxy Protection filter acts as a SpamAssassin Client (SpamC) and only works in conjunction with a SpamAssassin Daemon (SpamD). You can install the SpamAssassin Daemon on a system of your choice. This can be a UNIX or Windows system. Operation directly on the same server as NoSpamProxy is also possible.

NOTE: Make sure that NoSpamProxy can also reach the requested system. Often port filters, IP routing and firewalls have to be configured.