Starting the update

WARNING: Make sure you have installed version 13.2.21327.1706 before updating to version 14. Updating from another version may cause problems. See Software archive.

Video: Preparations for the update to version 14 (German only)

Update sequence

  1. Update the Intranet Role. This may take some time. Under certain circumstances, a temporary increase in the allocated RAM memory is helpful.
  2. Update the Gateway Role(s). If you use several Gateway Roles, update them one after the other.
  3. Update the Web Portal.

NOTE: Uninstall the preview version of the NoSpamProxy 13.2 Web App if you have installed it.

Before the update

  • Check whether there are any Disclaimer changes that have not yet been released and accept or reject them.
  • Close all Windows programs before starting the installation.
  • Consider email addresses for the following use cases (only for new installations):
    • Notifications to external recipients The address that NoSpamProxy uses as the sender address to send emails externally (for example, non-delivery reports or PDF encryption).
    • Notifications to internal recipients The address that NoSpamProxy uses as the sender address to send emails to internally (for example, delay notifications or download confirmations).
    • Notifications to internal administrators The address used to receive administrative notifications (for example, problems running NoSpamProxy or Large Files shares).


If a Microsoft 365 server is configured as the corporate email server in version 13.2, an inbound send connector with a cost of 50 is created after the update. This connector cannot be removed. In hybrid scenarios, this can have an impact on email routing, as a normal connector incurs higher costs.

To avoid problems,

  • change the cost of the normal connector before the update to a value below 50 or
  • immediately adjust the costs of the newly created connector after the update. Note that email traffic may be interrupted.

Starting the update

Click the setup file of NoSpamProxy. The wizard guides you through the installation of the new version.