Planning the installation

Installation on the Microsoft Server


Setup using the Configuration Wizard

Setting up your own TLS certificate

Configuring email routing

Configuring rules

Configuring the IIS for the Web Portal

Server Basics

Email routing - Setting up connectors

SPF, DKIM and DMARC explained

Setting up SPF, DKIM and DMARC

Configuring routing between Office 365 and NoSpamProxy

Installing the Gateway Role in a DMZ

Installing the Intranet Role

Importing TLS keys and setting permissions

Technical requirements for operation in a DMZ

Installing SQL Express Server and setting permissions for other users

SQL Express Server or full SQL Server?

NoSpamProxy in Microsoft Azure

Deployment of NoSpamProxy in Microsoft Azure

Setting Reverse DNS Lookup (PTR) in Azure

Email security with NoSpamProxy Protection

Creating a Blocklist or Allowlist

Important DNS settings

Level of Trust

The content filter explained

Configuring the content filter

Successfully fend off malware

Email encryption with NoSpamProxy Encryption

Encrypting emails centrally

Automatic encryption

Importing keys and certificates

Differences between S/MIME and PGP

Setting up S/MIME certificates

Creating group policies

Configuring content filters

Sending large files with NoSpamProxy Large Files

Installing the Web Portal and integrating it into the server

Configuring the Outlook Add-In

Creating email signatures and disclaimers with NoSpamProxy Disclaimer

Administrative preparations

Installing the Web Portal and integrating it into the server

Templates and rules