This section provides access to settings for connecting to the Gateway Role, connection options and Web Portal settings, database settings, notification addresses, and options for protecting sensitive data.

Setting up email routing Here you configure the email servers and connectors used.

Creating rules NoSpamProxy applies rules when processing emails that you can configure individually. These rules are modular. You can create rules yourself and modify existing rules by selecting the desired filters for each individual rule from the available filters.

Creating content filters Inhaltsfiltersets ermöglichen das Ausführen von Inhaltsfilteraktionen auf Basis von Bedingungen. Sowohl die Inhaltsfilteraktionen als auch die Bedingungen werden in Inhaltsfilterset-Einträgen konfiguriert. Ein Inhaltsfilterset kann mehrere Inhaltsfilterset-Einträge enthalten.

Setting up URL Safeguard The URL Safeguard prevents access to harmful content accessed via links.

NoSpamProxy components Here you configure the connections between the individual components of NoSpamProxy.

Connected systems Here you manage connections to third-party products that interact with NoSpamProxy.

User notifications Here you define which notifications NoSpamProxy sends to internal and external contacts and which sender addresses are used.

PresettingsThis area contains global settings that can be used in other areas of the configuration.

Advanced settings Here you will find configuration options that you usually do not need to adjust.