Default partner settings

Under Identities > Partners > Default partner settings you configure settings that are applied when there are no partner entries for a domain or email address.

  • Click Modify to open the Default partner settings dialog.

Content filtering Select a policy for email attachments on both inbound and outbound emails. Content filters are configured under Content filters.

URL Safeguard Configure the basic behaviour of URL Safeguard for trusted and untrusted emails. Also determine whether the URL tracking should be switched on or off.

TIP: URL tracking allows you to see which users accessed URLs that turned out to be malicious after the fact. Details can then be found on the URL Safeguard tab of the respective message track.

End-to-end security Select the desired end-to-end security.

Transport Security Configure the use of a DNSSEC-enabled DNS server.

NOTE: By using DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE), the TLS certificates of the transport encryption are checked, so that only certificates that the recipient of the email has classified as trustworthy are accepted. In order to secure TLS certificates via DANE, you must configure a DNSSEC-compatible Connected systems under DNS Servers.