Content filters

This feature is available if you have purchased a corresponding licence.

Content filters allow you to perform content filter actions based on conditions. Both the content filter actions and the conditions are configured in content filter entries. A content filter can contain several content filter entries.

How a content filter works

When creating content filters, you determine

  • the general instructions for handling attachments and dealing with archives,
  • the content filter actions and
  • the Defining conditions that trigger content filter actions.

You configure both content filter actions and conditions by assigning one or more content filter entries to a content filter. See Creating content filters and Creating content filter actions.


Video: A brief explanation of the content filter (German only)

Related steps

Assigning content filters To apply a content filter, you must assign it under Partnersor Corporate users. See Creating content filters.

Creating content filter actions Content filter actions are actions that are applied to attachments and to the emails that contain these attachments. They are triggered by the fulfilment of conditions. See Creating content filter actions

Defining conditions In order for content filter actions to be triggered, conditions that you have defined must be fulfilled. See Defining conditions.