Corporate users

As with Corporate domains, NoSpamProxy can check the individual recipients and reject emails to non-existent recipients immediately. To do this it is necessary that NoSpamProxy knows all internal recipients. If you use an Active Directory, you can easily import the corporate users.

The list of corporate users is used when you filter for Local addresses instead of Corporate domains in the rules.

NOTE: In order for NoSpamProxy to use the list of corporate users, the scope in the corresponding rules for inbound email traffic on the Message flow tab must be changed from to a corporate domain to a corporate email address. Only now does NoSpamProxy use the list of corporate users to determine valid email addresses.

Here you manage the corporate users.

Types of users

The list of corporate users can contain two different types of users:

  • Manually entered users You can manage all properties of manually entered users in NoSpamProxy. These users can be changed and deleted at will.
  • Replicated users Replicated users are imported from a directory service such as Active Directory. The properties of these users must be changed in the original source, because in replicated users only a read-only view of most properties is available in NoSpamProxy. All changes will be applied when the user imports are executed again. In replicated users, you can change the activity status of the entire user as well as the activity status of individual email addresses.

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