Configuring actions

NOTE: Selecting the filters is part of the configuration of rules. See Creating rules.

TIP: You can find an overview of the available actions under Actions available in NoSpamProxy. For more information on actions, see Actions in NoSpamProxy.

Here you select the actions that are triggered depending on the filter result.

Configuring the actions

  1. Click Add.
  2. Add the desired action to the rule by
    • double-clicking the respective action or
    • selecting them and clicking Select and close.

      NOTE: Depending on the selected action you may have to further configure it. For details on the configuration options of each action, see the corresponding information. See Actions available in NoSpamProxy.

  3. Click Next.

NOTE: Some actions cannot be applied to the sender that is usually selected. In the Status column, the text Only local (or external) senders are supported is displayed. A rule containing invalid actions will not be saved.

NOTE: Adding an action to a rule based on the sender is only prevented if the rule would not have an effect when used in this direction. This restriction does not always represent the recommended use. This means that actions that are intended for a certain direction but also work in the opposite direction can be configured for both directions. In some cases, the recommended direction is part of the name of the action.

Related steps

If you are in the process of creating a new rule, you now determine the rejection behaviour. See Configuring rejection behaviour.