This section gives you access to all external and internal companies and persons, their email addresses and the corresponding cryptographic keys and passwords.

Corporate domains Here you can manage your corporate domains.

Corporate usersHere you can maintain a list of valid email recipients and the associated addresses. This list is used when you filter on Local addresses instead of Corporate domains in the rules. You can also configure the automatic import of user data here.

Partners Partners are external communication partners with whom you exchange emails. Settings for partners can be made on the respective partner, the associated partner domain or the respective email address of the partner.

Certificates and PGP keys NoSpamProxy Encryption requires the certificates or PGP keys of users who want to send signed emails to external email recipients and receive encrypted email responses for the full deployment of the email signature and encryption actions.

Email authentication DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) secures outbound emails with an electronic signature. By evaluating this signature, the recipient can see whether the e-mail was sent from the correct domain (ensuring authenticity) and whether it was modified during transport (ensuring integrity). ARC keeps the results of the email authentication performed by SPF, DKIM and DMARC for all servers involved.