This area provides you with all information about inbound and outbound emails. It also contains status information regarding system and email traffic.

This section is divided as follows:

Message tracking This area displays detailed information about the processing of emails. You can see which emails were blocked or let through, as well as trace the procedure of NoSpamProxy®and the functioning of the rules.

Message tracking (Web App) The Web App offers further functions via a web-based interface, for example additional search options for message tracking.

Email queues Emails to external addresses are assigned to queues according to your domain. There is one queue per domain.

Emails on holdUnder certain conditions, emails can be put on hold. This means that until further notice, the email will neither be delivered nor rejected, but will wait for certain conditions to be met.

Large Files Here you get an overview of all files currently stored on the Web Portal.

Reports The NoSpamProxy reports give you an overview of your email traffic history and how the volume of spam has changed over the months.

Event log The server events relevant for NoSpamProxy are available here.